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Australian  Senior  Academics  Research  Network


Key Aim of ASARN

The aim of ASARN is to form a network of senior academics (mostly, but not necessarily, retired) who have been cut off from their universities and yet wish to continue their scholarship and conduct their research. The restrictions on access and on ongoing collegiality are a huge waste of talent and experience. The first key aim of ASARN is to help senior academics regain those services, such as access to journals and databases, that they need to continue their research, or start looking into new topics of research and develop linkages with colleagues.

Who is in ASARN?

The concept of ASARN was that of Colin Hargreaves, an economic and social statistician, who was concerned at finding library resources and databases no longer available on retirement, except at great cost. The first member and key supporter of ASARN is Prof Glenn Withers, AO, ex-CEO of Universities Australia and now President of ASSA and ACOLA. The aim is to create a free-flowing network, not a bureaucratic structure.

Other aims 

ASARN will essentially become what members make it. Further aims could include organising get-togethers to present results and discuss ideas, possibly helping members apply for research funding, or inviting the public to submit questions on which they would like research performed on a consultancy basis, and many other possible activities supported by its members.

What's ASARN now?

For now, ASARN is currently simply a business name registered by Colin Hargreaves, using his ABN 45 208 395 121. The aim is to register ASARN as a non-profit organisation if the concept gains support. When this happens, Dr Hargreaves is very happy to hand over the business name, but he is personally bearing the costs for now.

We are now seeking people who are interested
in this concept and might like to join such a network.


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Please note that the aim of ASARN is to help senior academics perform their own independent research, or research that complements the work of employed academics and researchers, while not competing with them. Research should be considered a collaborative activity.
Colin Hargreaves (PhD)
Stone Hut Farm, 782 Stone Hut Road, Retreat, NSW 2355.